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Exploring job opportunities with nurse visa sponsorship in the United States presents an unmissable chance that should be noticed under any circumstances. It is considered a golden ticket to working in the U.S. without incurring significant expenses on the application process and travel.

Whether you are a nurse, caregiver, medical assistant, or another healthcare professional, this presents an optimal opportunity for you to seize. This article will guide us in turning this opportunity into a reality.

Nurse Visa Sponsorship Jobs in United States

Nurse visa sponsorship positions in the United States offer foreign healthcare professionals, including caregivers, the chance to secure employment in the U.S. while enjoying the associated job benefits.

The process is remarkably straightforward if you’re wondering about the feasibility of obtaining a job while not residing in the United States. You can secure a position from the comfort of your home country or any location with a device’s assistance and a sophisticated website’s capabilities.

Visa Sponsorship for Home Caregivers 

This presents a prime chance for you to delve deeper into your professional journey. Undoubtedly, roles such as home care attendants, nurses, and various other medical professions are not only in high demand but also offer lucrative remuneration. Importantly, this opportunity is accessible to all healthcare professionals, including medical attendants and caregivers.

Who is a Registered Nurse

A registered nurse is a licensed healthcare professional who delivers hands-on care in diverse medical and community settings. These individuals have successfully fulfilled all the educational and examination prerequisites. Nevertheless, if you are a qualified caregiver, you, too, can take advantage of this opportunity.

Responsibilities of a Nurse

Specific duties must be performed as a nurse or healthcare professional. These responsibilities encompass:

  1. Conduct assessments and observations and engage in conversations with patients.
  2. Ready patients for examinations and treatments.
  3. Administering medications and treatments while closely monitoring patients for potential side effects and reactions.
  4. Documenting comprehensive information about patients’ medical history and present health status.
  5. Operating and overseeing the performance of medical equipment.
  6. Supervising licensed practical and vocational nurses, nursing assistants, and nursing students.
  7. Collect blood, urine samples, and other body fluids for laboratory analysis.

Benefits of Nursing Jobs with Visa Sponsorship 

Below are listed benefits that come with having a nursing job with visa sponsorship:

  • Paid vacation and holidays.
  • Very good pay.
  • Flexible working space.
  • Tuition reimbursement.
  • Wellness programs.
  • Health and life insurance.
  • Reimbursement for certification fees.

10 of the Best Nursing Jobs in United States with Visa Sponsorship

Below are listed types of nursing jobs in the United State with Visa sponsorship:

1.Oncology Registered Nurse 

The specific role of this nurse involves caring for individuals with cancer or those who are susceptible to developing the condition. Their responsibilities include administering medications and closely monitoring the health conditions of patients. These professionals typically receive a median salary of $79,320, and as they advance in their responsibilities, there is a corresponding increase in earnings.

2.Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

The responsibilities of an advanced practice registered nurse encompass tasks such as diagnosing patients, overseeing treatments, ordering necessary tests, and prescribing medications. These specialized nurses receive an average salary of $123,780, although this figure is subject to change over time.

3.Nurse Practitioner 

Their duties involve conducting patient examinations, diagnosing health issues, interpreting test results, and administering medication and treatments. These professionals receive a compensation of $120,680 for the valuable services they provide.

4.Nurse Educator

Engaged in patient examinations, diagnosing health conditions, interpreting test results, and administering necessary medication and treatments, these professionals are rewarded with a compensation of $120,680 for their invaluable services.

5.Clinical Nurse Specialist

Specializing in enhancing patient care plans, these nurses collaborate with social workers, doctors, nurse specialists, and pharmacists. On occasion, they also provide direct bedside care to patients. The average salary for professionals in this role is approximately $111,982.

6.Health Informatics Nurse Specialist

The role of a health informatics nurse specialist involves the maintenance of medical hardware and software, providing training to medical staff, and ensuring that electronic documentation adheres to accreditation and review organization standards. Professionals in this field receive compensation totaling $93,390 for their specialized services.

7.Critical Care Registered Nurse

Offering intricate care to individuals facing severe illnesses or injuries, these professionals receive a base salary of $79,800, with the potential for increased earnings over time.

8.Nurse Case Manager

Nurse Case Managers collaborate with patients, medical personnel, and insurance providers to identify the most economically efficient care plan. Their responsibilities include monitoring progress, assessing care effectiveness, and recommending alternative treatments. The compensation for these professionals is currently set at $66,155, though it’s important to be aware that this figure may undergo adjustments over time.

9.Labour and Delivery Nurse

Labor and delivery nurses provide crucial support to mothers during the labor and delivery process. Their responsibilities encompass conducting cognitive tests on newborns, guiding parents in selecting a care plan, and aiding in the post-delivery care of both the mother and child. Professionals in this field receive an average salary of approximately $76,400.

`10.Emergency Room Registered Nurse

Emergency room registered nurses play a vital role in patient care by performing triage upon patient arrival, establishing the order of treatment, conducting examinations, documenting patient histories, monitoring progress, and collaborating with supervising physicians. The average salary for these professionals is estimated at around $79,300.

Type Of Visa to Apply for to Get a Nure Visa Sponsorship Job

Expressing a desire to secure a job with visa sponsorship goes beyond mere wishful thinking. Obtaining the appropriate visa after successfully landing the job is a matter that demands thoughtful consideration. While one might assume that dealing with this aspect can be deferred until later stages, initiating the process early on can significantly expedite the overall procedure. To facilitate this journey, the following are various visas outlined for potential application:

H-2B Work Visa

The H-2B visa stands out as a highly advisable choice for sponsorship applications. This visa grants a duration of six months initially, and upon completion of this period, you have the option to reactivate it for an extended stay. This flexibility proves advantageous, allowing you ample time to gain a deeper understanding of your job while also presenting the prospect of transitioning to permanent residency.

B-1 Work Visa

This particular visa category is designed for individuals possessing special abilities, qualifications, or their equivalents. As a nurse, you can utilize this visa to facilitate your immigration to the United States. Similar to the previously mentioned visa, it also offers the option for extension, allowing for an extended stay in the country.

Each company has specific requirements for prospective applicants. Therefore, as an applicant, it is imperative to ensure that you meet these stipulated criteria. Some of these prerequisites include:

  1. Completion of a Nursing Degree Program.
  2. Proficiency in communication skills.
  3. Successful completion of the Licensing Exam and application to your State Nursing Board.
  4. Demonstrated caring and compassionate qualities.
  5. Decision on whether to pursue a specialization in nursing.
  6. Providing proof of work experience as a nurse.

Where to Find Nursing Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

In today’s interconnected world, securing a job in the United States doesn’t necessarily require physical travel. All you need is a reliable browsing device and access to the right websites. To assist you in your job search, we’ve compiled a list of websites that can prove instrumental in finding suitable opportunities. Some of these platforms include:

  1. Indeed.com
  2. Jooble.org
  3. Simplyhire.com
  4. LinkedIn.com
  5. myvisajobs.com

These websites, among others, offer valuable resources to aid your job hunt. It’s important, however, to exercise caution and disregard any information suggesting the necessity of paying a fee for sponsorship.

How to Apply for Nurse Visa Sponsorship Job in United State

Here is an easy guide to applying for a nursing job in the United State: 

  • Make wide research using the advanced website and ensure that they are used by top United State Companies. Indeed.com is one website you can use.
  • On the website, you have to use the search bar to search for a nursing job in the United State and you can do that by stating, the location, which is the country and the title of the job you want.
  • When you find a vacancy, go through the job description.
  • Set up a standard CV and application letter that match the job description. And make submissions to the employee portal of the company.
  • When that is done, you will have t wait for a response from the company and if you are found worthy you will be called for an online interview.
  • While the interview will take, your employer or interviewer will ask you certain questions and if you pass, your pay rate will be discussed.

Then you will be sent a job offer letter and also instructions to apply for a visa with the letter when all processes have been carried out.

Salary of Nurses in United State 

The average salary of a nurse in the US ranges from $73,407 to $82,750 per year and $37.64 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible to Obtain a US Work Visa without Sponsorship?

Certainly, it is possible to acquire a work visa in the United States without the need for employer sponsorship. This can be achieved through specific visa categories such as EB-1, O-1, and EB-5. Seeking guidance from an immigration attorney is advisable to navigate the complexities associated with obtaining these visas.

What is the Cost of Visa Sponsorship?

The expense associated with visa sponsorship typically amounts to around $4,000. However, for companies with over fifty employees and at least half of them being foreign nationals, the cost may range from $8,000 to $9,000.

Is it Feasible to Move to the USA without Securing a Job?

Certainly, there are permanent work visas, such as the EB-1, O-1, and EB-5 visas, that do not necessitate a job offer or sponsorship for relocation to the United States. Thus, it is indeed possible to move to the USA without having a job secured beforehand.

Can a Friend Act as a Sponsor for My Move to the USA?

Yes, according to U.S. law, a financial sponsor is required to ensure that non-citizens in the U.S. do not become dependent on government assistance. Therefore, a friend has the capacity to act as your sponsor for your relocation to the USA.


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