How to Screenshot on Android by Tapping Twice at the Back of Your Device

Android has a variety of features and extended accessibilities, Which screenshot by waving palm, Double Tapping etc is among them. Today I will be revealing to you the easiest way you can screenshot on your device by just tapping Twice at the phone back. This extended feature is still in beta mode according to the developer.

Below are the step on How to Screenshot on Android Tapping Twice at the Back of Your Device (Activate Tap, Tap on Android Phone)

The app to help you simply achieve this is called Tap, Tap Developed by XDA. Tap, Tap is a port of the double tap on the back of the device gesture from Android 11 to any Android 7.0+ smartphone, according to XDA. It lets you start apps, operate the smartphone (including tapping the home, back, and recent keys), take a screenshot, turn the flashlight, open your assistant, and more using the gesture. You can use “gates” to prevent the gesture from operating in certain situations, such as when the screen is off, when you’re on the phone when an app is active, and so on. It runs these actions and keeps them running in the background via an accessibility service.

Steps To Follow:

Step 1:

On Your Search or URL Bar simply type "tap tap xda" or simply visit the URL – https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/app-beta-0-10-1-tap-tap-double-tap-on-back-of-device-gesture-from-android-11-port.4140573/

No Scroll Down Until you see Download, Click on Version 0.10.1 Beta and wait till the download finishes.

Step 2:

Now Click on the download file to Install and Open it after installation. In a case it prompted ‘Installation from Unknown Source Not Allowed’, Just click on open settings and allow the installation source.

When You Open the Tap, Tap App – Click on Get Started and follow the instructions.

The first instruction will tell you to Double-tap the back of your device to make sure the sensitivity is working properly, Once done you will a successful message showing “Gesture Recognised…”, Click Next after that and Next again.

On the next screen, you will see a message prompting you to Enable the service on your accessibility. Click on Enable Service then the accessibility settings will open.


On the accessibility screen, click Tap, Tap

Then click on the Use Tap, Tap to switch it on then click allow on the Popup screen.


This will now take you back to the app and now click on the Next button again. On the next screen, follow the instructions to Disable Battery Optimisation, then press Allow for the app to work better in the background and Now click on Finish Button.

The next screen will bring up all the necessary settings you need for setup, now click on Double Tap Actions.

Then hold the two parallel lines and drag the Screenshot tiles up so that it works perfectly.

Now to make sure it works fine, Double Tap the back of your phone and you will see the magic. Make sure the app is running in the background.

Please kindly, drop your suggestions/comments below so we would know what you think of this feature.

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