Best Car Insurance for Military and Veterans

Serving in the military comes with many sacrifices, including time away from family and risking your life to protect our country. One thing that should provide comfort rather than stress is finding affordable car insurance that properly covers you and your family.

This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about getting the best car insurance rates and coverage as an active duty service member, veteran, or military family. Read on to learn insider tips to save hundreds or even thousands per year!

Key Takeaways:

  • Specialized providers like USAA and Armed Forces Insurance cater to military members and vets, offering exclusive discounts and benefits.
  • Even mainstream insurers like Geico and Liberty Mutual offer military discounts, so shop around.
  • Focus on customer service ratings, claims satisfaction, and repair/replacement policies when choosing a provider.
  • Active deployment can earn you extra discounts with certain companies.
  • Comparing quotes regularly ensures you get the lowest possible rate.

What Makes Car Insurance Different for The Military?

Serving our country comes with many perks, including exclusive access to military-focused car insurance companies and discounts from top providers. Here’s a quick overview of what makes car insurance unique for military members:

Access to Specialized Providers

Companies like USAA and Armed Forces Insurance cater specifically to active and retired military members and their families. Eligibility is easier and rates are extremely competitive compared to mainstream insurers.

Military Discounts

Even big names like Geico and Liberty Mutual offer military members discounts up to 15% off. These add up to major savings, especially when combined with other discounts.

Overseas and Deployment Coverage

Policies from military-centric providers account for overseas deployment and storage, plus give discounts for high-risk deployment areas.

Support and Special Services

Top providers have dedicated agents and claim reps tailored to military needs. Some even offer free financial planning and discounted banking.

Best Car Insurance for Military and Veterans

With your service comes access to military-exclusive options most Americans can’t get. Here are some top rated providers to consider:

1. USAAUSAA Auto Insurance

  • Overview: Open only to military members, vets, and their families, USAA is consistently rated #1.
  • Average Premium: $1,209 per year ($562 less than the national average).
  • Key Perks: High marks for financial strength, customer satisfaction, and claims handling. Gives deployment options and overseas coverage. Also offers banking, investing, and other services.
  • Consider If: You’re eligible and want top-notch service with the lowest rates.


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