Android 12.1 Aims to Improve The Experience of Foldable Phones

XDA developers have uncovered some intriguing things regarding a forthcoming incremental upgrade to Android 12, perhaps named Android 12.1. We do not yet know the entire range of functions, but it’s likely that most, if not all of them, will improve the foldable telephone experience. This may also be a step to prepare for the introduction of the foldable pixel phone.

Screenshots taken from a tablet running a beta version of Android 12 Screenshots taken from a tablet running a beta version of Android 12

Screenshots obtained from a tablet running Android 12 beta 12


In any event, XDA developers noticed a docked taskbar functionality in previous beta versions of Android 12 and discovered a tutorial along with some code strings that indicate the behavior of the taskbar.

By default the dock will remain open on the home screen or if you start a scattered screen view, it will hide when you launch an app. Hold and drag an app from the taskbar to open it to either half of the screen, tap and hold the taskbar for hiding or docking and, of course, you may add applications of your choosing.


Android 12.1 is all about improving foldable phone experience


The system code specifies optimal animations when the screen is plied and unfolded and provides a picture of the unfolded telephone that shows the taskbar. It’s important to notice that the picture displays two distinct Google Chrome browser instances, and thus we might see support for the multitasking process in Android 12.1.


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