70+ Common and Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

Are you new to using a Mac? Or maybe you are just looking for ways to increase your productivity? Whatever the case may be, we bet that by now you have come across the concept of . These handy little tips can help streamline many tasks on your Mac. In this blog post, we'll be discussing some of the most common and keyboard shortcuts for mac so that you know exactly how to use them effectively.

Shortcut macOS Monterey


Copy Command + C
Cut Command + X
Paste Command + V
Undo Command + Z
Find Command + F
Search and replace Command + H
Select all Command + A
Bold Command + B
Italic Command + I
Underline Command + U
Superscript Command + Control + +
Subscript Command + Control + –
Rename Return
File menu Command + F2 and F
Edit menu Command + F2 and E
View menu Command + F2 and V
Print Command + P
Command Prompt/Terminal
Copy Command + C
Paste Command + V
Select current line Triple-click the line
Move one line up/down Option + Command + Page Up / Option + Command + Page Down
Search Command + F
New tab Command + T
List files and folders ls
Full path of current folder/directory pwd
Change folder/directory cd
One directory up in directory tree cd ..
Move to root directory cd
Create new directory in current directory mkdir myFolder
Create new file cat > fileName(.txt)
Remove a directory rmdir myFolder
Rename a directory mv oldFolderName newFolderName
Copy a directory cp -r myFolder
Move a directory mv myFolder
Remove a file rm myFile
Rename a file ren oldFileName newFileName
Copy a file cp myFile
Move a file mv myFile
Clear the screen clear
Concatenate and print a file cat myFile
Count lines in a file wc -l myFile
Close window Shift + Command + W


New tab Command + T
Focus on browser address bar Command + L
Go to browser home page Command + Home
Add .com to URL Command + Return / Control + Return
Add to current page bookmark Command + D
Close current window Command + F11


System search Command + Space, then type
Show or hide desktop Command + Mission Control
Peek desktop Command + F3
Resize or minimize app Command + M
Minimize all apps Command + Option + M
Switch between active windows Command + Tab
Close active window Command + W
Toggle full screen Command + Control + F
Launch taskbar app with the position specified by the number Fn + Control + F3 then Left arrow and Return
Save screenshot of the screen Command + Shift + 3
Copy screen screenshot to clipboard Command + Control + Shift + 3
Copy active window screenshot Command + Control + Shift + 3
Narrator in Windows / VoiceOver in Mac Command + Fn + F5
Start menu in Windows / Dock in Mac Command + Option + D
File Explorer in Windows / Open Search in Finder Command + Option + Space
Character Map Command + Control + Space
Settings / Preferences Command + ,


Lock desktop Command + Control + Q
Sign out Command + Option + Shift + Q
Sleep or standby Command + Option + Eject
Shutdown Command + Control + Option + Eject
Restart Command + Control + Power
Force shutdown Hold power button for longer than 1.5 seconds

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