10 Best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks (2023)

provide a convenient way to enjoy books while multitasking or being on the go. However, audiobooks can be expensive to purchase legally. This leads many people to turn to sites to find free audiobooks to .

While torrenting does come with risks, there are reputable sites that offer audiobook torrents without malware. The key is sticking to trustworthy sources.

This article will provide a comprehensive look at the 10 best torrent sites for legally downloading free audiobooks in 2023. We'll cover the benefits of each site, key features, content offerings, and more.

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Key Takeaway

The top sites for audiobook torrents are AudioBook Bay, MyAnonaMouse, 1337x, The Pirate Bay, Torrentz2, MagnetDL, TorrentDownloads, TorrentGalaxy, LimeTorrents, and Torrends. These sites offer extensive libraries, strong communities, comprehensive search tools, and file verification. A VPN is recommended for safe and anonymous downloading.

Overview of the Best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks

When looking for the top torrent sites for audiobooks, there are a few key factors to evaluate:

  • Large libraries: The site should offer a vast selection of audiobook titles spanning diverse genres, authors, ages, and languages.
  • Active communities: An engaged user base leads to more content being uploaded regularly. More seeders make for faster downloads.
  • Strong organization and filtering: It should be easy to browse and search for titles, authors, genres, and other filters.
  • Reliable files: The best sites will verify torrents are valid and won't contain malware. Lots of seeders indicate a healthy file.
  • Limited ads: While some unobtrusive ads are expected, sites overloaded with ads or pop-ups create a poor user experience.
  • Accessibility: Since many torrent sites get blocked, being easy to access via VPN is a plus.

With these criteria in mind, below are the top 10 torrent sites for downloading audiobooks in 2023:

1. AudioBook Bay – Best Overall Audiobook Torrent Site


AudioBook Bay stands out as the top torrent site focused specifically on audiobooks. The site is dedicated entirely to audiobook content, bringing new titles daily across genres for all ages.

The clean, blog-style format makes it very easy to browse new releases by genre, author, age group, language, and more. You can even preview files to check format, size, and bitrate before downloading a torrent.

With constant additions from its active community, AudioBook Bay offers the largest and most well-organized selection of audiobook torrents out there. It's the go-to resource for any audiobook torrent needs.

2. MyAnonaMouse – Best Private Audiobook Tracker

anonamouse - Best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks

MyAnonaMouse is one of the best private torrent trackers focused on audiobooks, ebooks, music, and more. It requires an application to join but provides an excellent community with active discussion forums and competitions.

A particular strength is its audiobook selection, which is expansive and well-organized for browsing best sellers, and latest additions, and reviewing popularity and ratings. This private community provides high-quality files from dedicated uploaders.

3. 1337x – Best Public Audiobook Torrent Repository

1337x - Best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks

1337x is an immensely popular public torrent site with a massive catalog of content including games, movies, TV shows, music, and of course, audiobooks.

While not focused specifically on audiobooks, 1337x's huge active community and library make it a great source for audiobook torrents. There's helpful torrent verification and the ability to easily sort searches by seeds, size, date added, and more.

4. The Pirate Bay – Top Site for ‘Top 100' Audiobooks


The Pirate Bay (TPB) is one of the oldest and most famous torrent sites. Despite blocks in some countries, TPB manages to stay accessible and keeps its reputation as a top source for popular torrents.

For audiobooks, The Pirate Bay offers a dedicated audiobook category making it simple to browse the most downloaded “Top 100” titles across genres. The strong community helps maintain TPB's large catalog of content including hard-to-find audiobooks.

5. Torrentz2 – Best Torrent Search Engine for Audiobooks


Torrentz2 is a meta-search engine built for finding torrents across hundreds of sites. This makes Torrentz2 extremely helpful for more obscure or hard-to-find audiobook titles.

It aggregates results from dozens of torrent sites and indexes more than 61 million torrents. While not focused on audiobooks, it's an invaluable search tool for any audiobook. Advanced users can refine by file size, seed numbers, and upload date to identify healthy torrents.

6. MagnetDL – Best for Verified Audiobook Torrents


MagnetDL utilizes helpful magnet links for downloading torrents. Its clean interface and focus on verified torrents make it a great option for audiobooks.

The audiobook selection is modest compared to some sites at around 4,000 titles currently. However, every torrent is verified safe by MagnetDL's moderators. This makes it one of the most trusted sources. Advanced search filtering also enables finding files with the most seeders.

7. TorrentDownloads – Top for Filtered Audiobook Searches


TorrentDownloads offers a massive library and community with every type of torrent imaginable. Audiobooks shine with advanced filtering options.

Under the Books category, users can refine audiobook searches by genre, target age, title, author, upload date, seed count, and more. This allows precise searching to match your preferences. Regular moderation also keeps the file quality high.

8. TorrentGalaxy – Best for Audiobook Bundles With PDFs


TorrentGalaxy focuses on movies, TV shows, games, and software. But a great selection of audiobook torrents exists here too.

What makes TorrentGalaxy stand out is that many audiobook torrents include supplemental PDFs of the book content. This provides helpful materials to follow along with the audiobook files. Strong organization and active moderation ensure it's a safe source.

9. LimeTorrents – Top Semi-Private Audiobook Community


LimeTorrents manages to cultivate a strong community feel despite being a public torrent site. Known for movies, TV, and music, LimeTorrents also has a vast audiobook selection.

The uploads come from trusted members, and moderators verify all new torrent files. Advanced search filters make finding torrents with the highest number of seeders simple. LimeTorrents strikes a nice balance between public accessibility and private community.

10. Torrends – Best Audiobook Torrent Index


Torrends is a meta-search engine that compiles torrent results from over 600 sites. This makes it the largest torrent site index on the web.

While it doesn't host torrent files itself, Torrends is invaluable for more obscure audiobook searches. It provides the ability to quickly scour hundreds of torrent sites and communities at once to track down even the rarest titles.

How to Safely Download Audiobook Torrents

Audiobook torrents provide affordable access to books in audio form. However, there are risks associated with torrenting. To avoid legal trouble or downloading malware, it's vital to torrent safely. Here are some key tips:

  • Use a VPN: A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP address and location. This keeps you anonymous while torrenting and bypasses censorship blocks.
  • Check the comments: Comments on a torrent can reveal potential issues or Whether it's malware-free. User reviews help identify healthy files.
  • Look for trusted uploaders: Respected uploaders with moderator status provide higher quality and safer torrent files.
  • Verify the file: Scan any downloaded torrent exe in your antivirus program before opening. This catches any malware.
  • Seed files: When you finish downloading, seed the file for others. This helps the community and boosts your download speeds when torrenting.
  • Avoid newer torrents: Torrents with fewer seeds tend to be riskier.

Honorable Mentions

There are a few more torrent sites worth mentioning that didn't quite make our top 10 but are still good options for audiobook torrents:

Zooqle: Large ebook selection and audiobook torrents verified by moderators. However, struggled with domain changes in 2022.

BitTorrent: One of the largest torrent clients also has an included platform for finding torrents. Decent selection of audiobooks.

Nyaa: Popular hub for anime content including audiobooks. Focused on Asian media but has material in many languages.

ETTV: Primarily known for TV content, but has a small high-quality selection of audiobook torrents.

Torrent Clients for Downloading Audiobooks

Once you've found a torrent on one of the sites mentioned, you'll need a torrent client to manage the download. Here are some of the top options:

  • qBittorrent – Open source torrent client with no ads or bloat. Easy to use and reliable.
  • Vuze – Popular advanced client with lots of configuration options and tools.
  • Transmission – Fast and lightweight open-source client ideal for Mac users.
  • BiglyBT – Feature-packed client with built-in torrent discovery and media playback.
  • µTorrent – A longtime favorite torrent client, but now bundled with ads and bloatware.

In general, open-source torrent clients like qBittorrent and Transmission provide the best experience without hassles.

Is Downloading Audiobook Torrents Legal?

The legality of downloading audiobook torrents depends on your location. In the United States, audiobook piracy violates copyright law. The copyright holder has exclusive rights to distribute their content.

However, audiobook torrents are often overlooked by publishers if shared only between individuals. Still, uploading or mass distributing copyrighted torrent files breaks laws like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Other countries take varying stances on piracy for personal use. Check your local laws. In general, using torrent sites to download audiobooks you didn't pay for qualifies as copyright infringement.

Despite the legal risks, audiobook piracy remains popular due to the high expense of purchased titles. Just be mindful of the laws in your region, and take precautions like using a VPN to keep your activity private.

Audiobook Torrenting FAQs

Are there any torrent sites just for audiobooks?

Yes, AudioBook Bay is exclusively dedicated to audiobook torrents. Given the specialized nature of audiobooks, this site caters best to finding audiobook content.

Can I get in trouble for downloading audiobook torrents?

There is legal risk involved with the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted files. Fines or lawsuits are rare for individual downloaders, but possible. Use common sense precautions when torrenting.

Is it safer to use public or private torrent sites?

Private torrent communities like MyAnonaMouse provide well-moderated content from dedicated uploaders. However, public sites offer a wider selection. Using a VPN helps improve safety when using public sites.

Why are so many torrent sites blocked?

Government agencies and copyright holders pressure ISPs to block piracy sites. Using a reliable VPN helps bypass these restrictions imposed by your ISP or country.

How can I tell if an audiobook torrent is safe to download?

Look at comments and reviews to see if other users report issues. Trusted uploaders and lots of seeders indicate a healthy torrent. Always scan files with antivirus software before opening.

Get Started with Audiobook Torrents

Audiobook torrents provide free access to expensive audiobooks. While not always 100% legal, downloading and sharing audiobooks with torrent sites remains a gray area in many regions if done only for personal use.

By sticking to reputable sites, taking basic precautions, and using a quality VPN for privacy, you can safely expand your audiobook library. Just be sure to seed files back to help the community after finishing each download.

The top sites highlighted here like AudioBook Bay, 1337x, and LimeTorrents offer the best selection while maintaining security for users. Don't hesitate to explore and find your next audiobook adventure. Happy listening!

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