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How To Open A Youtube Channel in 5 Mins

Steps to Open Youtube Channel Made Easy

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Youtube is A Video-Sharing Site in which Individuals Share their various videos. It was created in 2005.

A Youtube channel is a service in which individuals create to help them organize, upload, and also monetize their videos. So many people/companies own a youtube channel where they share their videos with their users. This tutorial is a guide to help you learn How To Open A Youtube Channel in 5 Mins.


There is nothing much required for you to set up a personal channel;

  • Mobile Device or Laptop with the Internet.
  • A Gmail Account

Steps on How To Open A Youtube Channel in 5 Mins:

Open on your device browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge Recommended). Now Click Sign In at the top left in the site, If you haven’t created an account with youtube. Follow there and Create New Account. After Signing in, Click Your Icon at the top left and then click Create Channel or Follow this link (

Steps on How To Open A Youtube Channel in 5 Mins

In the Next Screen, Select Get Started and Then Choose Custom Name, Enter the channel Name and Click Create for the next step.

In the next screen, choose your channel Profile photo, Fill in the Channel Descriptions, The Website, Social accounts, and click Save and Continue.

Your channel is now ready, You can click Customize Channel to Design your channels and start uploading Videos

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