Alexaʼs October Updates Let Your Music Follow You Around the House

Alexa’s October update introduces a number of new handy commands that let you start listening to audio in one location and continue listening on an Echo device in another. There are a number different commands for this, and the ones you use will depend on your situation.

The first command allows you move audio across groups, commonly known as the smart speakers that you’ve allocated to certain spots throughout your home. Simply say, “Alexa, move my music to [desired group],” and you may transfer your podcast, radio show, or music to the room that you plan on spending time in.

You may even continue listening to audio after you step out the door – bear in mind that you’ll need a pair of Echo Buds in order for this to operate. Once your Echo Buds are connected to your phone, say, “Alexa relocate my music here,” and the audio will continue playing on your earphones as you walk out the door.

There’s another option to have your audio accompany you throughout your house, but you’ll have to pause your music to do so. Just say “Alexa, pause” to the Echo device playing audio, and then say “Alexa, restart music here” to the Echo device you want to utilize. You can use the same commands when you want to resume your music in your automobile as well.

This is a huge advance, considering that people have urged Amazon to include a function that lets audio follow them throughout the house for years. It sounds like Amazon is taking feedback into account, since new instructions should finally provide a means to obtain seamless music playback throughout your entire home.

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